quarta-feira, setembro 13, 2006

Bram Tchaikovsky - Stranged Man Changed Man

Parece os Byrds cantado rock/punk

Review by Chris Woodstra
Strange Man Changed Man remains Bram Tchaikovsky's finest moment. Produced by his former Motors bandmate Nick Garvey on a shoestring buget, the resulting thin sound only serves to enhance the songs which owe as much to '60s pop as they do to pub/punk rock. The pure pop of "Girl of My Dreams" (a minor hit in the U.S.) perfectly encapsulates late-'70s Brit-pop and stands as one of the classic singles of the era.

1 Stranged Man Changed Man 4:01
2 Lonely Dancer 3:58
3 Robber 3:06
4 Bloodline 3:48
5 I'm the One That's Leaving 3:27
6 Girl of My Dreams Thomas 4:06
7 Nobody Knows 4:32
8 Lady from the USA 3:28
9 I'm a Believer 3:46
10 Sarah Smiles 3:37
11 Turn on the Light 2:49



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