domingo, junho 04, 2006

Rick Lee Jones Pirates

Release info:
1981--Warner Bros. Records

1-We Belong Together(4:59)
2-Living It Up(6:23)
4-Woody and Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking(5:15)
5-Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)(3:50)
6-A Lucky Guy(4:14)
7-Traces of the Western Slopes(8:00)
8-The Returns

Group members:
Rickie Lee Jones--vocals, keyboards, synthesizers
Guest artists:
Chuck Rainey--bassSteve Gadd--drums on "Pirates" and "We Belong Together," boxes and thighs on "Woody and Dutch"Art Rodriguez--drums on "Living It Up," "A Lucky Guy," and "Traces of the Western Slopes"Buzzy Feiten, Dean Parks, Steve Lukather--guitarDavid Kalish--guitar on "Woody and Dutch"Neil Larsen, Russell Ferrante, Clarence McDonald--keyboards Randy Kerber--keyboards on "Skeletons" and "The Returns"Lenny Castro, Victor Feldman--percussion Michael Boddicker--synthesizerDonald Fagen, Rob Mounsey--synthesizers on "Pirates" Randy Brecker--trumpet and flugelhorn on "Pirates" and "Woody and Dutch"David Sanborn--alto sax on "Pirates" and "Woody and Dutch"Tom Scott--tenor & baritone sax on "Pirates" and "Woody and Dutch"Sal Bernardi--harmonica on "Pirates" and "Traces of the Western Slopes", vocals Jerry Hey--trumpet and flugelhorn on "Traces of the Western Slopes"Arno Lucas, Leslie Smith, Joe Turano--background vocals on "Woody and Dutch"Ralph Burns--orchestral arrangements on "Skeletons" and "The Returns"Nick DeCaro--orchestral arrangements on "Living It Up"


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